Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good morning, everyone. Not much going on here. The transplanting got done yesterday and everything seems to be adjusting quite nicely. We may get some rain today. It is cloudy now so I will wait and see if it clears off. The only thing I really need to do is pick one of the green slicing tomatoes to be fried later today. This is a strange year. Normally, we would have been waiting anxiously for the tomatoes to get large enough to be fried green. But, with the heat this year, our appetites just aren't there. The only reason we are having our seasonal favorite today is that while I was trimming the plants one of the green tomatoes fell off.

We have had a bit of trouble with our computers this week. Nothing that kept us off the internet but enough to be very irritating. We upgraded to Lion. After the upgrade Mom couldn't get into her bank account and had to go through the process of re-authenticating her machine. I had no problem on that front. And it totally screwed up her start up page and we had to reset that. Those are operations we don't have to do very often so we have to re-learn the process whenever something messes up those procedures. My problem was different. I used Appleworks for my word processing and spreadsheet work. Lion doesn't support Appleworks. Textedit (the word processing program that is part of the operating system package) is simply not adequate and can't translate my files into a useable form. So I had to get iWork and am now converting my files to that system. I have a lot of files. Apple, I am not a happy camper!

This Huffington Post article can be filed in the 'solve one problem and exacerbate another' file. The notion of biodegradable, plant-based plastic products has been pushed for a number of years. The answer, we have been told, to the depletion of a non-renewable resource and to the persistence of the plastic trash in our environment. Now a new study show that the biodegradable releases methane before regulations require landfills to begin to capture the gas produced.


Kay Dennison said...

Why does none this surprise me?

Sharon in Surrey said...

Remember when we had to switch to plastic to 'save trees'??

Thanx for the tip about the two other novels in the "Nantucket" series. Number one left me wishing for another so I went & bought the next two!!