Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi, again. Now that the garden report is in I can go on to my trip through the news and internet.

The big story is, of course, Hurricane Irene. Being in the midwest, we are aren't affected. Every now and again, we hear a bit of emergency preparedness advice which can be applied to the kinds of weather emergencies we are likely to experience.

Just finished transplanting my rosemary bush. I cut off about half of its height. Went from about 12 inches to 6 and cut back the root ball by about half. Hope it works because I really want to keep this thing small. It is sitting on the top shelf of the 4-shelf stand in front of the immobile side of the patio door. In a bit, after I have rested a bit, I will wash the cuttings and put them in the freezer. I just found a nice site called Kalyn's Kitchen which described how her efforts worked. I put her site on my regular reading list.

Time for another rest. I just finished cutting down the ground cherries and that was work. I still have to pull the roots, or cut them out, which ever is easier. In a bit I will transplant the mums from their pot so I can put the lemon verbena in it to move inside for the season. That will be some more heavy work because that is getting to be one large plant. Another I need to trim radically both above and below the soil.

Here is something for the 'cute but' folder--as in cute but not something I want to do. I will simply admire the ingenuity.

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Kay Dennison said...

Love the string ball gardens but what does one do with them in the winter?