Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Monday morning to you all.  Yesterday was gloomy and wet.  Today is more of the same.  I didn't get anything done in the containers and won't unless we get some drying.  The forecast is for this same pattern into Wednesday.  Oh, well.  Didn't have much to say about what I found on-line.

I loved the scene in Elizabeth where Elizabeth I tells her councilors that she didn't "like wars.  Their outcomes are so uncertain."  She could have added that they are so expensive.  That is what we are finding out with the winding down of the Iraqi part of our so-badly-misnamed "Global War On Terror."  Take a look at this Huffington Post article to see what we are leaving behind--mostly because it will cost too much to ship it back to the U.S.

Good Morning America had a segment that just raised my blood pressure.  The reporter talked about the chaotic Repthuglican situation (with Herman Cain winning the straw poll) and Obama referring to the same in remarks at a campaign speech.  He cited the governor of a state on fire who denies climate change (Perry, in case you need a score card), one audience enthusiastically cheering the notion of someone being allowed to die for lack of health insurance, and another booing a gay soldier in Afghanistan for asking one of the candidates to clarify his stand on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."  What irritated me was the comment from the reporter that he had to note that 'only a few' members of the audience cheered or booed.  ONLY A FEW!!!  How about noting that no one, on the podium or in the audience, took those few to task.  There is an old saying that fits the bill here--silence gives approval.  I can only conclude that the rest of the audience approved of the sentiments, the candidates approved, and that the mainstream media approves.

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Looking to the Stars said...

I liked that comment from Elizabeth also and you are right war is expensive. It gets my goat everytime!

Hope you are having a wonderful day! take care :)