Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Thursday morning, Everyone.  Still hoping for a bit of a dry period to get the blueberries in the ground.  If not today I will have to bring them inside until the weekend.  The weather people say we may get some frost in the 'outlying' areas.  That may or may not include us but I should get the tents on the containers I want to keep plants in over winter.  Our average first frost comes in mid-October.  The way our crazy weather is going it might be early.  Or it might not.

Well, this merely confirms what we knew all along--the prices we pay for food have gone up, for the most part.  We noticed when we bought milk and juice this week.

This report has made the rounds on the internet but hasn't been mentioned in the mainstream media--except perhaps in very forgettable in passing comments.  Question--with the median income somewhere in the mid-$40ks (depending on which estimate you find) and the premiums (for businesses) for a high deductible policy ($2500 deductible), what makes us think the costs can be shifted to individuals?  The $15k+ policy premium is one-third of that (pre tax) median income!!!  I love the intro paragraph--if the premium increases of the next 10 years follow the last 10 years--that price will double.  Does anyone really think that business will continue to absorb that kind of increase or that individual income will rise to the point where the employee can pay it?

I agree, Lois.  The amounts of money being thrown around in elections coupled with the amounts involved in lobbying is simply obscene.  Money comes in and facts, common sense, and common welfare go out.  The news this morning said that the Obama campaign may not make that goal but the lesser amounts are still mind boggling.  And I agree on the news.  For my sanity I don't watch as much any more.  I have several problems with the media as it stands.  It is way too superficial.  It panders to the perceived audience need for controversy. To generate controversy it looks for opposing positions no matter how inane that opposition might be.  And it has way too much fluff and repetition especially of that fluff.  At least I can delete or ignore much of that nonsense if I am reading printed or on-line copy.

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Looking to the Stars said...

We noticed that it looked like an early winter here. Then the temps rose, which was a shocker. The mornings are cold but its heating up in the afternoon. Very strange, don't know what to expect anymore,lol :)

I noticed the prices on food have gone up also. Don't know how lower income people are making it. Maybe eating at the fast food places that are having specials, ugh.

take care :)