Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good morning to you all on this chilly Wednesday.  The forecast cold front is coming through and should be affecting us till the weekend.  High temps are supposed to stick in the 60s for that long with possible lows in the 40s and possible 30s in some areas.  I cleaned out three of the tomatoes yesterday and started moving the containers around to more efficiently use the limited space.  I have some new large pots for next season--not as large as the 30 gal tubs but two are a bit bigger than the 5 gal buckets.  Looking over the big tubs I think they have another, maybe, two or three years before I will have to replace them.  I had read that plastic pots can deteriorate over time with exposure to the elements.  Mine are definitely showing that--some of the edges are getting brittle.  I cannot move them again without seriously damaging them.

The spaghetti was very good, Lois.  I remarked to Mom that I was surprised by how little acidic taste our home grown tomatoes had.  And when I made the sauce I didn't follow my usual practice and add a bit of sugar to cut that acid.  We are cooking up a big pot of ham and beans for tonight along with cornbread.  The cooler weather is making us think more of soups and cassaroles instead of salads and warm weather fare.

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