Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good morning, Everyone.  It is already half way through September.  We should have sun today unlike yesterday.  And we may reach the low 70s.  I need to continue cleaning up and clearing out in the gardens.  I don't think I can remember a year when the weather people commented so often on how unusual the weather has been.  Latest comment--3 successive days with temperatures in the 60s.  Very odd for September.  We still haven't switched on the furnace but it may not be very long.  Kuma is very unhappy--way too cool to leave the patio door open even a little bit for him to go in and out at whim.

Picked a bunch of Zavory and False Alarm peppers.  They are already cleaned, split and frozen.  I still have a red bell to get ready for the freezer.

This story on Huffington Post seems to describe our current problems rather well.  Can we really say we are a super-power any more.  I think we may have dropped out of the first tier of nations and maybe the second as well.

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