Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good morning, all.  We have fog this morning--the thickest we have seen in a good, long while.  The forecast predicts some sun, some possible rain and below average temps.  Tomorrow,  the weather people say, we will have sun all day.  I think the garden will wait till then so lets see if I find anything worth commenting on.

With all of the run up to the 9/11 memorials this has been lost in the limbo of mainstream media.  The worsening relations between post-Mubarak Egypt and Israel does not bode well and one wonders how and to what extent we might get sucked in.

I have seen stories (though I haven't read many of them) concerning the massive recall of turkey produced by Cargill earlier this year.  The USDA has been pilloried because their investigators found the drug-resistant strain of salmonella at least four times in the last year and yet did not recall the meat.  This article explains why and it indicates a gap in legislation that should be closed.  It also shows exactly why self-regulation does not work in a for profit industry.  Cargill did not voluntarily recall their product even found the USDA inspectors found the salmonella in their plant--as long as no one got sick or died why jeopardize profits?  Perhaps the law ought to be changed so that whenever a bacterial strain becomes drug resistant it is defined as an adulterant.  And then insist that the USDA is sufficiently funded to do its job.

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