Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good morning, All.  Cool and overcast today but they say the rain should be slight during the day.  If so I should be able to get the last of my peppers in.  I packaged up seven pint baggies of the Zavory peppers,  four of the Marconi and a quart and half of the bell.  I also cleaned the remains of the tomato stalks out of a couple of the beds.  I found that the cardboard oatmeal containers worked just the way I hoped--like a degradable pot.  I hoped to provide a protected space for the tomato plant roots while directing them deeper into the container.  That worked perfectly.  And I think the cardboard also helped by absorbing water and slowly releasing it.  Certainly a technique to continue using.

Joshua Keating posted this item on Foreign Policy.  I don't pay much attention to ads usually.  Just background noise.  It is interesting to see the dilapidated state of our infrastructure used to sell foreign cars.

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