Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Monday morning to you all.  Overcast with possible rain.  And for tomorrow as well.  The weather people say we may get below freezing temps overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.  I have carefully checked the plants that I have still in the outside containers.  They all are doing well so far.  As is everything inside.  I recently repotted the mints.  I may do the bay soon also.  We'll see.

Anyone who has visited this blog for any length of time know that I have several recurrent questions when it comes to our economic mess.  One, frequently asked when massive numbers of workers were losing their jobs and those who managed to keep theirs did so by accepting lower hourly pay (or salaries), so-called furlough days, loss of benefits and other economic losses, asked when is something indistinguishable from nothing.  Now, according to this story in the New York Times, Greeks may be asking the same thing about their membership in the European Union and participation in the Euro.  And the big economic story this morning, as Greece goes to the back burner to simmer, involves Italy and the future of Berlusconi.  The most interesting quip that came out on that issue over the weekend was that "Italy is too-big-to-fail but also too-big-to-bail."  Sounds like a no-win situation.

This seems to be a day for the New York Times.  Here is another article that says some interesting things about the U.S. economy and asks a question that isn't often heard today--Can politicians really create jobs?  And, clearly, the politicians don't want to answer the question honestly because then we don't have any real reason to vote for any of them.

I agree with Millie at My Mom's Blog--this is the way to follow a doctor's advice.

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