Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good morning, everyone.  Cool and windy this morning.  We may get some rain.  But we don't have any outside work or errands to do so it does't matter to us.  It was nice yesterday because we were able to leave the patio door open a crack so Cat Monster could go in and out as he wanted.

I agree with you, Kay.  I was lucky when I moved here about 12 years ago because someone recommended the bank I have used since.  I don't remember who made the recommendation now but I have been very happy since.  I was old enough to qualify for their special senior checking account--an interest bearing account with no charge for the basic checks.  That bank has given very good service--in person, on the phone, and on line.  Mom moved her money to the same bank after hers had been taken over twice within about 5 years with a marked deterioration in service with each take over.  And that wasn't even one of the big banks--they hadn't yet made a concerted effort to move into this area.  I think everyone should deal locally--in as much of their financial/economic dealing as possible.

I remember a conversation a couple of years ago as Mom and I watched a news report concerning a number of states borrowing from the federal government to pay for the rising cost of unemployment benefits having exhausted their own funds.  I asked then what they would do if the bill for the interest on those loans came due and the economy hadn't recovered.  I guess we are finding out.  Or rather the business owners in Wisconsin are finding out.  Someone is going to have to pay the bill.  The only question is who will pay.

In another entry in the 'Someone is going to have to pay but we aren't sure who and how much' file--the situation in Greece is as fluid as Herman Cain's responses to sexual harassment claims.  I discounted the radio news story that cited some official who openly discussed the possibility that Greece might leave the euro.  Till now that had only been whispered by bloggers.  However, here is another news story on the same issue.  But the author makes another point which I think Merkel, Sarkozy, et al., have missed--the Greek government can agree to anything but if the Greek people don't agree the agreements are meaningless.  The question isn't how many are rioting in the streets.  The real question is how many of those who aren't rioting will cooperate.  MSNBC has further details.  Update:  recent stories indicate that Papandreu may scrap the referendum if the opposition parties can get together to form a national unity government.  In other words, he is trying to cover his ass and get broad support for the bailout.  With the kind of austerity that the bailout has required and will require in the future they need a unified government--not slender majority party with a bunch of snipers ready to open fire.

These were some very brazen thieves.

But then--there are thieves and there are THIEVES.  As this piece from Ann Jones posting on Tomdispatch makes clear.  I ought to read the book she cites but I am afraid my blood pressure wouldn't stand the stress.

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