Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good morning, all.  We had a nice sunny day yesterday.  We still haven't had a freeze.  The lows have only fallen to the mid-thirties.  Everything still in the containers are still green with the roses and mums blooming well.  The blueberries are starting to get a red tinge on the leaves.  Plenty of leaves remain on the taller trees and some of the hardy shrubs around the neighborhood.  I should get out and sweep up the leaves, few as they are, that blew onto the patio so they can go in the compost bin.

Well the Christmas ad season has started.  But I saw a cute cartoon that expresses my feelings perfectly.  It showed Santa confronted by an irate Turkey who says "Get back in line, fat boy.  My holiday is next!!"  Maybe we should just cancel Black Friday and make it Black November?

Resilient Family presents an interesting idea.  I wonder how many long term unemployed are engaged in the "System D" economy.

Andy Rooney has died at age 92 only a little over a month after leaving 60 Minutes.

MSNBC posted this story this morning.  I am almost too disgusted to comment.  Unfortunately, food processing companies that have multiple food safety citations against them are a dime a dozen.  However, this company provided 'reconditioned' bulk, moldy applesauce that has been incorporated into school meal programs and baby food.  Evidently the 'reconditioning' process didn't take care of all of the molds and their toxins resulting in several sick children and the FDA had informed the company that their process was not effective.

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