Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good morning, all, and it is a very good morning in spite of the leaden skies and heavy rain.  Why, you wonder?  Because Ohio's voters handed the Repthuglicans an big defeat.  Read all about it here.  Perhaps democracy isn't as dead as the Repthuglican a$$holes would like it to be.  Also, the electorate rejected the "personhood" amendment to the Mississippi constitution.  Christianist a$$holes pushed that one.  CNN has the story here.

We had a three hour interruption in cable and internet.  Finally, we seem to have everything back.  We did get some dusting done (which we really needed to do) and I got my paper garden journal caught up.

Our town had some city elections yesterday.  The incumbent Republican won and with my vote.  Notice I used the term Republican not Repthuglican.  Mom remarked that he didn't seem to have much competition as the 68% return indicates.  At least our incumbent has a good and visible track record.  The streets are finally getting repaired and several areas that were badly run down have been given nice facelifts.  But throughout the so-called campaign the challengers simply didn't seem to put any effort into getting out the vote.  No fliers, no publicized meetings, no meet-and-greets that we were aware of.  Nothing that would induce us to vote for them.

Robert Reich presented a notion I can agree with: a corporate pledge of allegiance.  I also like the notion that, if corporations are persons, they should be subject to a corporate death penalty for certain crimes--negligence that results in death, manufacturing defective products that result in death, producing contaminated foods that result in death, releasing pollutants that seriously impact the health of large numbers of people.  And lesser crimes should result in serious economic penalties not slaps on the corporate wrists.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Hope sunshine is coming your way soon :)

I read Kays blog about Ohio, glad they got a victory.

Sounds like the person you voted for is doing postive things. Sometimes a good one comes along :)

take care