Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Wednesday morning to you all.  We should have another 60 degree day with sun which is nice for so late in the year.  Monster Cat should be able to go out at will later.  So long as we don't have a hard, cold wind we should be able to leave the patio door open just wide enough for him to get through.  Yesterday was also nice, as predicted.  I got my little spearmint cuttings transplanted.  I also noticed a whole bunch of buds on the Christmas cactus.  We are looking forward to it blooming.  Everything else is also doing well.  Moving the verbena, rosemary, and bay to the south doorway for the sun has helped them.  They are putting out new growth that is nicely thick and healthy.

As the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the Thai floods highlighted the problems our long distance supply lines and just in time delivery manufacturing/retail economy can face, this story highlights another. Just imagine an exploding refrigerated container.

And this is why we are paying these idiots $176k a year???  They are way, way overpaid.

Bank of America's decision (following similar decisions from its largest competitors) to cancel its planed debit card fees on its customers is welcome.  It does show that too-big-to-fail doesn't mean too-big-to-listen.  However, winning the battle doesn't mean the war is over--as this story reminds us.

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Kay Dennison said...

I'm still planning to move my banking to a credit union. I don't trust those people.