Monday, November 14, 2011

Good morning to you all.  I can hardly believe that it is already half past November.  Mom just pulled out her stock of Christmas cards to see if she has enough to cover this year's list.  She doesn't mail them till after December 1, but that isn't that far away.  We have a bit of a warm spell.  Yesterday was in the mid 60s.  Today and tomorrow are forecast to be near 60.  I did get the leaves swept up into my compost bin before the wind picked up.

The mainstream picked up on this story--briefly.  I don't know why we should be surprised.  After all these guys and gals are just following in footsteps of Boss Tweed 130 or so years ago.  Isn't it nice to be able to exempt yourself from the laws others have to follow?  However, as this story proves, we have to be careful about slinging around accusations.  And, it seem, we can't trust the news media to get the facts straight.  I don't much like Boehner but I don't want to see the man pilloried for something he didn't do.

And while they play the market with what amounts to insider information, we pay them $174K/year for a part-time gig and they produce this cockamamie do nothing notion.  So the less-than-Supercommittee agrees on revenue enhancing 'targets' by the Nov. 23 deadline and then refer the details to the regular congressional committees.  Those committees then have to somehow, magically produce legislation that will pass both the committees and congress with a house controlled by Repthuglican/Tea Partiers.  Like that is going to happen!!!

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Kay Dennison said...

The GOP (aka Greedy Old P*ssants) will not back down. We need to get everyone mobilized and not back down!!!!