Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good morning to everyone out there.  We didn't get the low 30s predicted for last night.  The weather people have moved that to later in the week.  Right now the temps are in the mid 50s with fog.  Rainy and miserable for the most part.

Is anyone else as tired of Herman Cain as I am?  The focus on sexual impropriety would be tragic if the man had any really good ideas on the economy.  He doesn't.  I could ignore the whole thing if it was only one woman but now we have four two of whom received settlements, one of which was equal to one year's pay.  I am beginning to see a pattern.  I wasn't inclined to support Cain before but I am certainly not interested in what the man is selling now.

I read something yesterday concerning Rick Perry's claims to be a lean, mean job creating machine.  He proudly touts the 1 million jobs 'created' in Texas during his governorship.  The article (sorry I didn't keep the link) notes that during that same time the U.S. as a whole lost 2 million and most of the jobs 'created' in Texas came from companies Perry's administration had lured in from other states.  That is why the word 'created' is in Texas were actually lost in other states.  In other words, Texas poached on other states.  I wish someone would ask Perry how he can replicate that on a national level.  Trying to lure companies back from overseas will be difficult without slashing worker's pay by half, allowing the companies to pollute the environment with impunity, and escape any responsibility for worker health and safety.  I don't think that is an acceptable trade off.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Perry sounds like a jerk, I was thinking of another word but I didn't want to type it, lol. If he gets into office we will really be in trouble. I don't think his state is really doing all that great. We have already had a governor from TX in the white house. we don't need another :)