Monday, October 22, 2012

Good day, All.  Hope your weekend is going well.  Ours is nice and quiet.  Nothing going on weather-wise or in the gardens.  I have been thinking for a bit that I really should sit down and evaluate how the gardens did this year.  I have done some of that but not pulled everything together to get a coherent picture of the season.  It is so easy to be lazy.

We are celebrating!!  I just caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and looked out on the patio to see a couple of little birds landing on one of the bird feeders.  I was wondering if they would ever find it.  We plan to put up a couple of suet feeders when the weather gets colder.

As you can see I really didn't find much to comment on over the weekend.  We'll see what I find today.  We may watch the third debate but aren't enthusiastic about it.  We really haven't been enthusiastic about any of them.  I just wonder how simple-minded and limited the questions will be and how much verbiage the candidates will use to not answer them.

A story that hit the news last night and this morning has me scratching my head in perplexity.  Some conducted a 'man on the street' series of interviews asking whether Ann Romney or Michelle Obama won the 'First Ladies' Debate.'  I wonder how many of the respondents asked the interviewer whether there was such a debate--there wasn't.  The ones they showed tried to bluff their way through by choosing one or the other on some superficial ground (they liked the personality or look of their choice.)  How closely are these people following the election?  Is is just background noise with no significance?  Are they ashamed to admit they hadn't been paying attention?

I found this post on Yves Smith's Naked Capitalism which seeks to understand why so many people decided to buy overpriced homes with toxic mortgages.  Simple answer: they followed the advice of self-help gurus often bankrolled by the mortgage industry.  Unfortunately, the situation doesn't end with  real estate.  How many who now are drowning under student loans sold to them with similar arguments?  And that is worse because the purveyors of that particular poison were trusted academic and career 'advisors' employed by school departments, colleges, universities, etc.  I just love the current notion that the poor bankers who peddled these loans to anyone with a pulse simply made mistakes while those of use who got the loans are feckless, immoral assholes out to game the system.

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