Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good morning, All.  Cool and clear again today.  The weather people predict a slight possibility of very, very light rain tonight--maybe.  I have to check the containers but, since the temperatures cooled off and the sun no longer hits the patio, I haven't had to water much.  Sometime this week I will detach the hose, drain it, and wind it back up for the winter.  I can handle what ever my outside plants need with my large watering can.  I saw a couple of lipstick peppers that are nearly ready to pick.  I doubt I will get many more.  I did notice that the forecast this morning had no low temperatures below 35.  So not much chance of frost either.

I barely caught a news snippet about northern lights appearing in northern Illinois yesterday.  The weather person said he had some pictures that he posted on his blog with the caution that the lights weren't that spectacular.  These pictures were posted on NBC.com this morning.  Aurora borealis this far south is unusual.

Then there was the longer segment on another developing serious problem on America's lakes--heavy growth of toxic blue-green algae.  The story did relate the choking bloom of algae to the heavy use of agricultural chemicals.  I have been reading a number of stories like this one which casts serious doubt on the long term benefits of using GMO crops.  The problem: the generation of herbicide resistant weeds and pesticide resistant insect pests.  The major justification for developing GMO plants has been to reduce the amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer.  On that criteria the project has failed.

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