Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello, All, on this wet Wednesday.  We got a bit of rain last night and it is still cloudy.  But not nearly enough to really ease the dry conditions any further.  My mums look like they are finally ready to bloom.  I hope so.

I am so ready for this (choose your own expletive) election.  The airwaves are covered with competing ads simply smothering the sensibilities.  They are thoroughly annoying.  Especially one made and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce.  It shows a pathetic woman business owner demanding 'certainty' citing the terrible possibility of having to pay more taxes if Obama wins.  This message is repeated, nauseously, by the talking heads on CNBC and other such networks.  "Yo, all you little unemployed non-entities out there!! You want jobs?? Well, we can't give you jobs until we are no longer troubled by any taxes or regulations.  We must have CERTAINTY!!  And, if we don't get it, kiss you asses good bye because we won't be hiring."  My answer:  You pathetic wusses!  NOBODY has certainty.  You want something no one has ever had and are unwilling to provide to you workers.

Dana Milbank has a good op-ed piece on what he expects from tonight's Presidential debates--verbal junk food and no substance.  Harold Meyerson discusses some substantive questions he would like to see posed in the debates.  I'm not holding my breath.  I love Meyerson's description of Simpson-Bowles: 'how much pain are you willing to inflict on the American people to get a balanced budget?'

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