Monday, October 1, 2012

Good Monday and first day of October.  They say that the weather will feel like October.  Not much planned in the garden today.  Yesterday I transferred a pineapple sage to the main beds.  I had intended to keep it over winter in the house but it didn't seem very happy inside.  Other than that, I plan to continue cleaning the shed and reorganizing the gardening supplies and tools.

Well, the first Presidential debate is scheduled for Wednesday.  We will watch--though our expectations are incredibly low for the whole thing.  Evidently Mattea Kramer at tomdispatch has similar expectations.  And he is absolutely right--the most pressing matters will not be addressed with any kind of meaningful attention.  Instead our media is focused on who will present the most 'Presidential' image and who will commit the fewest gaffes or throw the best 'zingers.'

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