Friday, October 26, 2012

Welcome, All, on this last Friday in October.  My how this month and year have raced by.  I know, I know--I say that all too often.  The temperatures have returned to more normal--meaning about 30 lower than they have been.  We had heavy rain for at least a bit last night.  We heard it pounding just as we went to bed.  The skies are still a bit overcast.  Only twelve days till this election cycle ends.  Thank goodness!!!

I think my skepticism about any corrections the Maricopa County elections officials (led by a Republican) would make to their "mistake" on the Spanish language portion of voter IDs is very justified.  The problem isn't just limited to a "few" ID cards.  Other Spanish language media also contain the same "mistaken" date for the November election.

So John McCain won't endorse Mourdock (Repthuglican candidate for the Indiana Senate seat) until Mourdock "apologizes" for his comments on rape.  I am sure you all know what those comments were so I won't reiterate that crap.  I am glad Sen. McCain would be so easily mollified by an "apology."  I am not.  They are too easily given and are, usually, not real apologies.  Just look at all of the "apologies" that merely apologize for the wording or for "offending" some unspecified someone--not for the sentiment expressed.  Update: I was right.  McCain is easily mollified.  Although I will give Mourdock credit for some backbone, I don't care to be ruled by his values and I don't want those values controlling my options.  Perhaps life created in rape is a "gift" from his god--but his god isn't mine.  Maha expresses my opinion perfectly.   Bennett at Time Goes By also expresses the outrage we should all be feeling at these Christianist assholes who think with some organ other than their brain.

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