Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good Wednesday to all.  I am planning a lazy day today.  We had a good rain last night.  The winds caused me a bit of concern but nothing amiss in the gardens.  I won't complain because we need more rain to recharge the soil followed by a good cover of snow.  What we get--well, who can tell?  I was going to harvest the stevia but I think I will put that off till tomorrow.  The plants are still doing very well--much better than the basil and patchouli.

I am pretty much ignoring the politics--as much as possible given that the ads seem to be drowning the airwaves.  We have found the BBC channel our cable company provides as a part of our low cost package.  What a difference from our own news--little drama and few commercials.  And little of the fluff I find so annoying on our lamestream media.  Let's see what I find on the internet.

Robert Reich hits a bull's eye with his latest post.  I have said before that if I were voting for chameleon in chief I would vote for Romney.  Since I am not I am extremely cautious of his sudden conversion to moderation.

Helen at Margaret and Helen does a lovely postmortem on the Presidential debate:  Romney lied but he did it with style so he gets the win.

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