Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Wednesday to you all.  Thirteen days till we get a break from the intense electioneering we have endured for the last two+ years.  We may get early sun today which would be a nice change.  Our fall weather feels like a mirror image of the spring conditions.  I wish we had receive part of the rain we have had over the last two weeks about two months ago.  My blueberry bushes aren't happy--too wet.  They are showing some distress.  I hope the buds I see on the stems bode well for the spring.  The roses aren't happy either but they haven't been all year.  I will take them out in the spring.  They haven't thrived no matter what I have done for them.

The South Bend Tribune published this article on a story I saw yesterday.  Western states have been dissatisfied for years over the amount of land within their borders that are under Federal control.  What struck me is the phrasing in this article: 'take back control' of the land.  Somebody doesn't know much history.  That land was never under state control to begin with.  It came into the U.S. before the states were formed.  I find it absolutely fascinating how the Republicans are all 'state's rights' till they aren't.

Another item for the 'Why industries (and companies) can't police themselves' file.  Unfortunately, all too often the profits gained from slip-shod practices, corner cutting, and haste outweigh the losses from a break down of safety.  In this case the losses include twenty-odd lives lost and about 300+ cases of serious illness.

From Crooks&Liars--first Arizona officials sent out bi-lingual information cards with the wrong date for the election in the Spanish action and now an Ohio GOP election board sent out mailings with the same "mistake"on the date and an additional "mistake" on the location of the polling places.  These "mistakes" raise my skepticism antennae.

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