Monday, February 18, 2013

Good day to you all.  We have had more lake effect snow.  Nothing significant.  They aren't predicting anything significant.

I got my first tomatoes (the Patio hybrid), peppers (Mohawk patio), cabbage (can't predict which variety--the seeds are a mix of three varieties), kale (Red Russian), lettuce (Garnet Rose), and spinach (Bloomsdale Longstanding) started.  In about two weeks I will start more lettuce and spinach.  No more tomatoes and peppers till the first of April.

I didn't get the hem pinned on that table scarf but I did put a few more stitches in another I just started embroidering.

Gaius Publius at Americablog has a good post this morning.  I don't think I can add anything to it.

Here it is Monday--again.  I could have posted that bit above yesterday but shut off the computer before I got to it.  Oh, well.  I got about 12 inches of the table scarf hemmed. Let's see what I find today worth a comment or two.

The news media has (re?)-discovered the rising gas prices.  We can't help but notice here--our gas prices have gone up about $.30 since our last fill-up.  Fifty cents over the last month.  What I find interesting in the last few news segments dealing with the issue is that no one can explain why the prices are going up.  Everyone says the supplies are stable.  Some think increased demand from China and others think speculators are behind the run up.  It is fascinating when experts are stumped.  Mom may have been on the money when she noticed that the increases coincide with the increased protest and media attention to the protests over the Keystone pipeline.

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