Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good Tuesday, everyone.  Oh, my!! What wind we had yesterday.  I think we started out in a bit of a lull but by the time we arrived I felt like a kite about to take off (and I am not a light weight.)  By the time we got home we had little energy left.  The wind seemed to suck the vitality out of us.  Otherwise it was a mostly dry and a very gray day.

Our class was on seed starting.  An introductory class through the local park department.  You might wonder why we would go to such a class but I often find that introductory classes provide information I never found in my self-taught gardening activities or information that I forgot.  Most of the other attendees were also not strict novices so that was nice.  And most want to do container gardening to some extent.

The blizzard is still in the news as this article shows.  I am somewhat surprised that areas on Long Island are still snowed in.  Our little city (30k people) has been very good about clearing snow.  During the 2011 blizzard here they had even side streets passable after three days and continued moving snow after that until everything was cleared.  I remember the 1967 blizzard that is still number 1 on the all time list.  We lived in a different city a bit west of where we are now.  They were also somewhat slow at clearing the snow but I don't remember the anger I read about in New York and those areas.  Those city officials bluntly told residents that they would be snowed in for at least a week unless they could get some private snow removal service to come in--not likely on short notice.  The homeowners on our street tried to do that but ran into one idiot who figured he could get the benefit without chipping in on the cost.  Totally pissed off the rest who grabbed their shovels and snow blowers and cleared the street and sidewalks--all except for those in front of his house.

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