Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good Tuesday, Everyone.  Light snow predicted for today--again.  Can't complain since we haven't had anything like normal snow this winter.  We'll see what I get posted today because we have appointments and shopping today.


It is Wednesday and, obviously, I didn't get anything posted yesterday.  Mom's doctor's appointment took longer than we thought.  We finally got back mid-afternoon and I really didn't feel like reading or commenting.  Let's see what I find today.

Well, this should not be a surprise to anyone who has been following the travails of the Post Office.  I have said before that limiting Saturday deliveries wouldn't bother us at all.  And Post Office officials are giving everyone until August to get used to the notion.

Nor should this surprise anyone who isn't brain dead.  Does anyone remember a couple of years ago when Atlanta almost went dry and the thieves in charge down there proposed building a pipeline to tap the Great Lakes water?  I think they had better find another source to loot.  By the way, pay attention to what has happened to the money collected for harbor and other maintenance.  The Kleptocracy is alive and well--though everything else is falling apart.

So the Magdalen Laundries are back in the news.  Question--why isn't the Catholic Church on the hot seat as well as the Irish government?

Tom Englehardt has a good piece today on how much the "Bin Laden Tax" is costing us.  Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Long live Osama Bin Laden.  I would almost like to see the sequester go into effect because it is the only way the increases in the military budget would be curtailed.  Notice I said the increases.  The whole argument over the budget has been about increases to the budget not about real cuts in actual spending.  I still don't see why we need a military budget larger than the combined budgets of the next 10 largest spenders in the world.

Many, Many, Many years ago I discovered Isaac Asimov's robot stories--more than just I, Robot  that was made into a Will Smith movie a few years ago.  One (the title of which I have long forgotten) has stuck in my mind.  Asimov described an unemployed human whose life has diminished to one long drinking bout because jobs for human workers have disappeared with the widespread shift to robotic workers.  The government provided benefits that at least did give him enough cash so he could buy the booze he needs to stay inebriated.  As he finished his current bottle he saw a robot walking by and, in a fit of rage, hurled the bottle and a string of incoherent curses at the source of his misery.  The bottle, of course, merely shattered on the metal figure which turned around, surveyed the derelict human, and tells him "At least you can get drunk!!" before walking on.  The robot has been displaced by new robots.  I though of that story as I read this piece, which is one of several similar stories I have seen lately.

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Kay Dennison said...

It's snowed every day this week in Ohio. I am not amused.

And I think it's time to revisit Asimov.

You should come by and see the video I have up -- it's less than 2 minutes and you will nod your head and laugh.