Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Thursday to you all.  We are between weather systems here.  By late tonight we should be in the middle of the storm that is blasting the plains now and that snowed out that golf tournament in Arizona. We are going out to the Y for our mile or mile and a half this morning.  We have managed to get two days in this week between weather and other commitments.  We would like to make that a minimum of three days a week but that depends on what else is going on around us.

I have often said that I am a medical minimalist and a thorough skeptic.  This article rather supports my position.  I think much of modern medical technology is amazing but too much is over used, used in situations where other less expensive techniques would be more effective, or applied to conditions for which the techniques aren't proven effective.

Gene Logsdon, the Contrary Farmer, provides a bit of humor and a nice bit of 'perspeck.'

This piece has rankled me since I first saw it this morning.  To be blunt, I am old and getting older by the day.  Not referring to my self as old won't change that one whit.  And I wouldn't really want to be young again--I was a stupid shit then.  The author(s) do make one valuable observation--we are a youth obsessed society and women are particularly penalized for aging.  But simply not referring to yourself as old (or fat, etc.) won't change that either.  I would rather accept myself at my current age since I can't really change it.  I am working on the fat part.

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