Saturday, February 16, 2013

Good Saturday, Everyone.  We had a bit of snow yesterday and again overnight.  Not enough to be troublesome although we decided not to go out yesterday before everything cleared off and we got some lovely bright sunshine.  Oh, well.  That's how things go sometimes.  As I mentioned before we schedule our errands and other optional outings around the weather this time of year.  I did get a part of a table scarf pinned for hemming.  The embroidery has been done for a while now.  I hope to finish that and get started on the hemming later today.

This is my major objection to any expansion of nuclear power and am in favor of retiring those nuclear plants in existence.   What do we do with waste materials that will remain dangerous for longer than the span of time from the founding of Rome to the present?  And who are we going to trust to manage such storage for an indefinite time into the future?

The horse meat  scandal in Europe keeps growing.  The author of this article does a bit better job of covering the issue than many I have seen before.  Johnston hits both the push for greater profits for all of the commercial actors and the consumer's demand for cheap goods as roots of the problem.  I think Ronald Reagan's old dictum for dealing with the old Soviet Union applies here: Trust, but verify.  And I would add: If you can't verify, don't buy.  Before we found our little meat market we ground our own beef and pork.  If anything happened to our market (it goes out of business or becomes unreliable) we will grind our own again.

I fervently hope this decision goes against Monsanto.  One of the blogs I read yesterday indicated that more farmers--especially small farmers--are dropping GM seed.  The yields aren't as promised so they aren't worth the extra cost.

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