Friday, February 8, 2013

Well, now that the pretty pictures have been posted I will take my usual trip around the 'net.

We didn't get much snow, thankfully--but did get more of the sleet and freezing rain.  We woke to icy patio, sidewalks, and streets along with gusty winds.  We won't go anywhere today.  The east coast might not get off so easily.  They are expecting heavy snow.

There are times I really like Chris Christie and this is one of them.   The doctor and the (s)news media are both annoying on this non-issue.  We have become an intolerable  nation of interfering busy-bodies.

Here is one good reason to peruse different foreign news sources.  Our news media has become much too cozy with the powers that be--whoever they are.

This is an interesting reversal of fortunes.  I remember the flap over the higher cost of prescription drugs in this country and the furor when American began going through Canadian sources to lower their out of pocket costs.  And the story brought back some memories from much farther back when I spent some time working for a pharmacy in northern Virginia.  It was a small store in a larger chain which also had outlets in Washington, D.C.  I had to receive shipments and price goods before they went on the shelf.  Most of that involved checking the invoice for our cost and then cross referencing that with the company supplied list of multipliers which determined the retail price.  I noticed that inner city D.C. stores had a much larger multiplier.  The pharmacist explained that those stores had higher costs due to theft, vandalism, etc. ( I won't give you the racist terms he used for the people who were the major customers in those stores.  I am sure you can supply them yourselves.) The explanations never really sat well with me.  They simply didn't make that much sense.  Evidently, the various explanations the manufacturers have given haven't convinced the Canadian officials either.

Another story for the 'why we shouldn't trust government agencies' file.  Most of my first comments are much too raw to put in here.

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