Monday, February 4, 2013

Good snowy Sunday to you all.  We woke to about two inches of snow yesterday and another two this morning.  It is snowing now.  Thankfully the lake effect snow has hit western Michigan not here.  We don't have much choice over the next week--we will have to go out on snowy days.  At least the temperatures will be closer to the mid-30s normal.

Hey, Kay.  Good to see you back.  I know what you mean about Faux News--unfortunately the disease is spreading to all news programs.  The internet does provide more real news from a greater variety of sources.  One of the most frequent comments here is 'They didn't cover that on the news today!!"  Hope Miss Ruby gets thawed out soon and that our Blue Monster (aka the car) doesn't join her as a snow boulder.

It is now a snowy Monday.  It seems we are (finally!!) into the season when we plan our outings with an eye on the weather.  Today we will stay home.

Yesterday was productive.  I spent about four hours crocheting the trim on a table scarf I finished the embroidery on a while ago.  I will post a picture in a couple of days.

Found this interesting article by way of Grist.  Check out a packet of seeds with the latest SF or mystery.

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Kay Dennison said...

Well, I'm sorta back. I keep getting distracted. Miss Ruby is fine.

I love you're needlework!!!! I've a sorta cute needlepoint idea that I've been playing with and

I saw the Grist article via another friend. I love it!!!!