Friday, March 7, 2014

Another sunny day and we expect temps about 40F.  Yesterday was a bit busy because we had to replenish groceries and run more errands than usual.  We picked up another couple of bags of potting soil, 2 of bird seed, and 4 5-gal buckets.  Those last are going to replace the kitty litter buckets of about the same size that have spent four or five years outside as part of my container gardens.  They are fragile and brittle so it is time to get new ones.  Because we planned not to go out at all during the nearly two weeks of 0F and below we had an unusually large grocery list.  But everything is back up to normal levels now so we can go back to our usual pattern of weekly shopping trips.

Our experiment with the dried apples (crisp chips actually), bananas, and peaches did not turn out well.  Those were the most tasteless mess I have ever had the misfortune of trying.  So we got a bag each of frozen sliced apples and peaches to try instead.  We repackaged them into small snack sized baggies so we only take out a small amount for cereal.  See how well that works.

I heard on the morning news that "our" legislators voted to approve the $1 billion in loan guarantees Obama promised for Ukraine.  I put that word above in quotation marks because I don't claim any of them--not even those from my state.

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