Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beautiful sunny day and expected to stay that way.  We should begin a warm up that includes a couple of days in the mid-40s.  Some of these mountains of snow should start shrinking as the accumulations won't keep up with the melting (I hope).  I won't be happy until I can see my container gardens and I won't be really happy until I can see some indication of what has survived out there.  I made up another 37 paper pots and totally used up the strips I had left over from last year.  But that should get me well started on starting seeds.

Now this is a perspective I can agree with.

And this one as well.  And we ask here where in our supposedly strained national budget is the money we have pledged to Ukraine going to come from.  As noted no one we know of has proposed this or voted on it.  I deeply resent being asked to support Ukrainian oligarch or Gazprom.  And let's not kid ourselves--that is where it will go.

Love this Automatic Earth post.  Oh, the amount of drivel we swallow each and every day!!  Trying to get that out of our mental diet is harder than getting the high fructose corn syrup and other such crap out of our bodily diets.

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