Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Political icebergs. Garden dreams.

As I have gotten older I have been less and less eager to get on any political bandwagon.  That is especially so when the political issue involves our relations with foreign countries.  The Ukraine is a case in point.  I always wonder what is embedded in the nine-thenths of that iceberg that is below the surface.  This blog on Automatic Earth today confirms my growing skepticism.  Golem XIV thinks the maneuvering as a sign of even more devious designs on the part of the U.S.--a way to limit Russia and keep the EU fragmented.  Nothing like acting against both allies and adversaries at the same time.


I have the first tray of seeds started.  Here's what I have so far: tomatoes (Martino's Roma, Amish paste, Patio Princess), Peppers (lipstick, albino bullnose, corno di toro rosso), shiso, epazote, borage, hibiscus, summer savory, chamomile, wonderberry, and lemon basil.  I used borage and hibiscus seeds I harvested last fall.  I don't know how the hibiscus will do since the mother plant is a hybrid.  My gardens are still under small mountains of snow.  And we are getting more light snow right now.

I thought, when our idiot politicians (including Obama) started mouthing threats of economic sanctions, the whole issue would come to either a fizzle or a disaster--for us more than Russia.  This blog indicates exactly why.  Isn't globalization wonderful?  And if you think the Ukraine is the only place in the former Soviet Union where Russia is active, please consider Moldova.

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