Friday, March 21, 2014

More seedlings emerging.


Welcome to Spring!!  Even if the weather doesn't correspond, the spring equinox says winter is over.

Update:  Ack!!!  We have snow!!  I hope it doesn't amount to much.  I was so enjoying the sight of containers I haven't seen for three months.  Well, if we get to 60 tomorrow it won't last long.

Update 2:  the sun is trying to shine while the snow is winding down.  Now I know it is truly equinox--the sunlight is touching the top of our fence so the patio will get more strong reflected light from now on.

The lipstick pepper has poked out of the soil along with the lemon balm and bee balm.


Sunny!!  We had a dusting of snow overnight but it is disappearing quickly.  The weather people have backed off the predicted 60 and suggest we will probably get into the mid-50s.

I haven't been following the news as much as I used to.  I have complained about our mainstream (lame-stream) media too often before.  Right now the two main stories are the search for the Malaysian airliner and the Russian take over of Crimea.  The first is only mildly interesting and not as a steady stream of repeated nonsense.  It will either be found or it won't.  And all too much of the air expended on this story has been so much blather.  The commentary on the Crimea story isn't much better.  I have my own contrary take on the situation:  Russia has decided it is time to get back into the territorial race in Europe.  Between 1989, when the Soviet Union fell apart, and about five years ago, when Russia intervened in the Georgian contest with their breakaway provinces, NATO and the EU had a free hand in recruiting former USSR and Warsaw Pact countries.  And they did quite well.  Russia now wants to reconstitute much of the old USSR as an Eurasian trade zone which means reacquiring some of those countries created out of the rubble.  Many of them have areas that are Russian in language and culture, as does Crimea.  Let the territorial games begin continue.

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