Monday, March 17, 2014

More seeds sprouting.


All my little pots with poppies have sprouted as has one shiso and another lemon basil.  No peppers yet but I will restart if nothing comes up by the end of the month.  No hibiscus yet but then the mother plant is a hybrid so the seeds may not sprout at all and I have no idea what will result if it does.

I was amused earlier this last week when I heard a news snippet (and all it was was a snippet) that the European negotiators for that trans-Atlantic treaty want to reserve certain names of cheeses for use by the regions that originally created the cheeses.  Feta would only be officially feta if it were made in Greece; Parmesan would be Parmesan only if made in Parma.  I was amused because all American cheese makers would have to do is create a new name and put something like "Parmesan style" on the label.  Evidently that is what a number of small dairies are thinking of in Ohio.  I love the remark one made that the big producers hate the notion while the smaller ones are rolling with the notion and creatively renaming their product.

Monday.   Happy St. Patrick's Day.

And it seems the old saying is true: everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

So some 97% of the Crimean populations who voted approved separation from Ukraine and union with Russia.  Kunstler has remarks that reflect my skeptical thoughts on the subject.

And Paris has a pollution problem.  The government has ordered that drivers only drive every other day.  At least they have also made public transport and bike sharing free while restricting cars.

Every time I see stories like this I always have the same question: will all the robots that will displace human workers (because contrary to what we were promised when automation began invading the work place they aren't creating jobs faster than destroying them) be buying what they will be making?

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