Monday, March 10, 2014

More garden dreams and other contrary thoughts.

Yeah!!! I have seedlings starting to peek out.  A couple of borage which are the fastest to germinate.  I plan to plant another bunch of seeds today.  The temperatures in the mid-40s yesterday took a large part of the snow down though there is a lot of snow to melt.  We should have mid-50s today.  That is very welcome.

I didn't read all of this article but the premise of the headline doesn't surprise me.  In our government of the people, by the people, and for the people the operative basic principle seems to be don't tell the people.  And that principle extends to all parts of our political and economic system.

Nor does this article surprise me although it seemed like we were hearing about more recalls there were actually fewer in terms of actual number of recalls.  But those recalls affected (or potentially affected) more people.  Several of the recalls were massive a large quantity of product.  How could a recall of millions or tens of millions of pounds of beef not affect a large numbers of consumers.  But then add the complexity of our food chain to the problem.  Take that recall of the beef from Rancho Feeding a couple of weeks ago.  That beef went to consumers directly and indirectly.  Think of the hot pocket varieties that were recalled because beef from Rancho was used in them.  And hot pockets weren't the only products using that beef.

Just took a break and planted several kinds of seeds: bee balm, cypress vine, black peony poppy, California poppy, lavender, Ms. Mars sunflower.  I still have 17 pots ready so I might put in some of the greens tomorrow.  I intend to keep them in pots separate from the gardens this year.

I always knew we had a "state religion" and, unlike those who espouse the notion that we are a  Christian nation, was able to identify it.

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