Thursday, March 27, 2014


We had several brief but often heavy waves of snow yesterday.  Left maybe two inches.  It won't last long.  Most of the mountains of snow we had for the last couple of months are much reduced and will probably be gone by early next week.  The sooner winter goes away the better--it has been hanging around way too long.

Two "price shock" stories from the morning news:  price of limes have increased from about $14/case to $100/case and theater companies are bemoaning their economic plight and thinking about cutting prices for their tickets one day a week.  The California drought is blamed for the increased cost of limes.  No one tried to trace the source of the second.  I could tell them.  Prices are too high for too little and people have too many more pleasant and cost effective choices.


Well, I guess spring really is here in spite of the very cool temps.  Snow yesterday and rain today.  The weather people say the rain should hang around most of the morning.  If the temps stay where they are much of the remaining snow on our patio should disappear.

My last pepper (corno di toro rosso) variety has popped its head up.  I think I can give up on the hibiscus seeds.  No sign of any activity.  And no sign of growth in the wonderberry.  Didn't get anything from those seeds last year either.  Oh, well.  I will find something else to try.

I remember the pressure put on residents of several small towns that were flooded during the big Mississippi River flood in the early 1990s to move.  One made news by putting all of the homes on stilts while another moved to higher ground nearby.  The Feds threatened to cancel flood insurance for some and made it much too costly for others--and the Feds are the only source of flood insurance. That is why my cynic-o-meter pegged out when I first read articles on this a few weeks ago.  I am glad to see that the FBI is investigating but considering how much of the government has been bought by the wealthy interests I don't expect much.

Well, I am not a happy camper.  I can't get onto bloglines.  Blast and damn.  So I am trying to rebuild my reading list on bloglovin and in my bookmarks.  I found this piece on Grist and I am linking here to see if it works.  If it doesn't I will have to find another work around.  Again--damn and blast.

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