Sunday, March 9, 2014

So, we had a "good" jobs report for last month.  That's nice.  But, perhaps, we should read this before we celebrate.


Well, here it is.  One of my two least favorite days of the year.  Daylight savings starts and it will take a week for my system to fully adjust.  I really wish they would set the time and leave it.  I think it is a bit of an anachronism given our 24/7 society.

I remember when the pundits foresaw a "paperless" office.  We haven't got it yet and I for one am glad.  We have gone pretty much the way this author has.  Our bills come via e-mail and we pay them on line.  We have automatic deposits.  But the paper hasn't gone away--and won't.  I prefer physical books to my e-reader--they are easier on my eyes.  I like hard copies of needlework patterns and recipes.  They are easier to juggle with what ever I am working on.  And I don't have to worry about what would happen to all my electronically stored info if the power goes out for a day (or a week or two.)  Technology always has its advantages and its drawbacks.

I have seen several articles concerning exactly who the Kiev snipers were and what their affiliations may have been.  Some writers take for granted they were deployed by the Yanukovych government; others by the opposition to discredit the Yanukovych further.  The author of this notes that no one really knows.  I wish I could believe that our government knows and is backing the right horse here but I don't.

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