Friday, October 17, 2014


Good morning to any readers out there.  We should have dry conditions for most of the day.  We'll see.  Right now somewhat mild temps around 50F.

As for what I am reading today, I will start with this item.  I have seen several stories over the last few years on how much food is wasted and have wondered exactly where in the chain from farm field to dinner plate that the waste was occurring.  The article posted by Treehugger answers some of those questions.

So we will get the "Ebola czar" John McCain has been throwing a hissy fit about.  Excuse me--but where the hell is the Surgeon General?  You know--the person who is supposed to oversee our health services?  Oh, yes--the Repthuglicans who are now bitching so loudly have stonewalled on the nomination.  So now we have another official slotted into the hierarchy along with what ever support staff he needs draining what ever funds from wherever to deal with ebola specifically.  Talk about waste.

And then I found this on Can It Happen Here?  So the "Czar" has no medical expertise.  Obama, trapped between the extremely maladroit handling of the situation so far and fear-mongering, has hired a political operative to handle the spin.  Crap-tastic!!!

I guess the Koch's aren't satisfied with raping the environment; now they want to ravish the political process as well.  If you can't win honestly, win fraudulently.

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