Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I just stepped outside for a moment to see what I could of the lunar eclipse.  The pictures the news/weather have shown are farm more spectacular.  At the moment the moon still has a very bright, thin crescent of light.  I can't see the red hue the pictures are showing.  Might if I had a telescope.

Tom Englehardt posted this piece of good common sense--which says nothing good about the common sense of our political leaders and their "intelligence" officers.  Yeah, those quotations marks indicate extreme skepticism and sarcasm.  It also says nothing good about our society at large which seems to go unthinkingly spastic at the least sign of a least sign of a "threat."

I hope this causes one hell of a row.  Unfortunately, as long as profits are the sole judge of what is right and wrong, this will be the norm not the exception.  And please don't tell me that the oil and natural gas companies care a damn about jobs.  They only include that in their advertising to short circuit criticism and as an unstated blackmail.  The threat has always been: if you hold us in anyway accountable for what we do, we will start to cut jobs and raise prices.  So far that has worked in conjunction with pay off our politicians to let them off.

How the hell would this asshole know what is or isn't a living wage?

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