Sunday, October 5, 2014


Very cool this morning.  News weather report says 41F here.  Should get into the 50s later.  At leas we should not get any more rain so I will see what the low temps and wind has done outside today.

If I had an account with JP Morgan/Chase, I would close it.  It isn't that the bank was hacked.  Every bank is vulnerable.  Every government agency at every level is vulnerable.  That I accept as a reality of modern life.  I can't accept the caviler attitude toward customers.  And this story should give you some food for serious thought.  Consider also how many stories over the last decade have noted possible government connections behind other hacks.

Our local news had a brief story about a rare albino hummingbird caught on video by a home owner in Louisiana.  It was gorgeous.  I found these pictures of a similar bird sighting in Maine.  Enjoy!

Some of these Republicans must be drinking from the same source.  This isn't the first story about a Republican "businessman" and political candidate defrauding the government on Medicare, Medicaid and/or food stamps.  Do a quick Google search on "Republicans accused of Medicaid fraud" and peruse the entries.  I also did a similar search substituting Democrats for Republicans and got a very different result.  Makes you think a bit.

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