Saturday, October 18, 2014


I actually did get a bit of work done outside yesterday.  Still too wet to sweep much but I cleared the strawberry tower and tried out a new arrangement for a tower next summer.  I think it will work nicely.

Spent a good bit of time downloading OS X Maverick yesterday and am still getting used to it.  Everything seems much slower.

A fair number of energy and environmental bloggers have been using the term for sometime.  The only question is when the "Anthropocene" began not whether we are in it.

I don't know what it is about the political idiots who think prohibiting some flights from west Africa will stop any new cases of ebola coming into the U.S.  They seem to be logically challenged.  I have heard that Duncan, the original ebola patient in Texas, flew in from Belgium.  We don't have any direct flights from the three main sites and expanding the zone to the few neighboring countries that do have such flights won't do what they claim they think it would--stop ebola over there.  A few years ago a man who had a drug resistant form of TB flew from the U.S. to make stops in several European countries before returning to the U.S. via Canada--all within less than two weeks.  That even though he had been told not to travel.  Globalization doesn't apply just to business and manufacturing.  It applies to all facets of our lives.

It seems our military planners aren't satisfied to be training an Afghan army whose members have been responsible for a significant number of U.S. casualties when they turned their U.S. issued weapons on their supposed allies.  Now they are thinking of doing the same in Syria.  Oh, they aren't saying that.  They say they will train a force capable of confronting ISIS.  I guess that makes sense since we armed ISIS when the Iraqi army we trained and armed disintegrated leaving their weapons and equipment behind.

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