Monday, October 6, 2014


I took advantage of the sun yesterday to collect the last of the tomatoes and peppers, and clear out the plants.  The green tomatoes are on the kitchen counter now--hopefully ripening.  Considering how cold it was I thought that was enough.  I won't get any more stevia--the cold hit it hard.  But I will get an other cutting of lemon balm before I clean out that container.  If it is dry today I will get some more of the gardens cleared.

Pepe Escobar's post on Tomdispatch this morning provides a lot of food for thought on geopolitical/economic issues.  It brings up a lot of interesting questions concern the future of NATO, the future of the EU and the position of the U.S. on the world stage.  Not much of it bodes well for us.

This doesn't surprise me much but I am glad to see it.

Wouldn't you think that an agency assigned the task of eradicating and suppressing marijuana cultivation would be able to distinguish between it and legal plants?  Reminds me of a story I read a couple of years ago of a woman who stepped out of her door to find all her potted plants cut down, taken away and a note reading "Ha!  Ha! I got your weed."  She pinned up a reply: "Enjoy smoking my tomato leaves, you little cretin."  I agree with the author of the linked story: what a waste of manpower and money.

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