Monday, October 13, 2014


Columbus Day and the beginning of a new week.  Our normal days don't change much with holidays of any kind and some, like Columbus Day, we notice only because we have no mail delivery and holiday themed obnoxious sales ads on TV.  And, of course, the parades celebrating a discovery only if looked at from a very parochial view point.  Al Jazeera had a piece on some attempts in some cities and states to move from Columbus Day to some form of "Native Americans' Day" to acknowledge that people were already here and they got the short end of the discovery stick.

The CDC has confirmed the tests on the nurse in Texas who is the first case of ebola transmitted inside the US.  Their spokesmen have basically blamed the nurse for breaking protocols without specifying how she broke which protocols.  A blame the victim, eh??  Other experts on various news shows have openly criticized the notion floated by some of our health agencies that any hospital with an isolation unit could effectively treat and isolate ebola patients.  The article on Nation I linked to yesterday made a brief comment that nagged at me and drove me to a Google search.  The author said the men could still transmit the ebola through their semen for as long as seven weeks after they no longer showed symptoms.  Well, I found the CDC site on ebola and the author was right which raises up some scary possibilities.

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