Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Wet again today and we have grocery shopping on the schedule so no outside work again.  At least the rain we have had so far has been relatively gentle with little wind.  The most severe of the weather has again bypassed us--thank the weather gods.

I saw a brief story on this on either Al Jazeera or the BBC.  Interesting way to map a desert.

I found this by way of Huffington Post.  Mom thinks that most people are disengaged from politics because they figure the politicos will do what they damned well please no matter what they think.  Well, I agree on that but I follow what is going on because I want to some (I hope) advance warning of how the bastards will fuck up my life.  I might have a chance of mitigating some of the harm they do.

This is scary.  I grow tomatoes every year.  Also have had oregano, various mints, and hibiscus all of which cops on a drug raid have "mistaken" for marijuana.

I think they can remove "probably" from the title of this article.  From the accounts so far the Texas hospital was definitely not ready for ebola.  But I suspect few other hospitals would have done much better.

This just might throw gasoline on the European Union.  It appears that the fractures in the Union are deepening.

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