Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bitterly cold again.  Minus one air temp and feeling colder with the wind.  We are still hunkering down and doing as little outside as possible.  We did start the car to make sure it was functioning.  It started up nicely though with a bit of groaning.


Oh my, we have a mini-heatwave.  Temperature this morning is 25F.  After a week of low single digits and negative numbers it feels good.  Looks like we may get sunshine also.  However, they are predicting snow for this evening.  (Update:  hopes for sunshine cheated.  The clouds moved in.)

Interesting article in the Independent found by way of Naked Capitalism.  The past is never really past and the sins of the fathers do affect future generations--though, as the author notes, the past is never justification for atrocity in the present.

An interesting notion--boost your creativity by being bored.  I would rather call it "unplug and reconnect with the real world."

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