Saturday, January 17, 2015

Heatwave!!!  Our early (5am) temp is 35F and the weather people say it should rise to the low 40s.

I found this and almost threw up.  Nine scheduled debates with another three possible beginning in August of this year.  I don't see anything much in the field of likely contenders:  another Bush, Romney trying out his chameleon powers, Christie while he ducks and weaves around potential scandals,  Huckabee taking time off from his pontificating on Fox and all the lesser stars in the Repthuglican pantheon.  Crap-tastic.

I guess all the "reformers" who have moved our education "system" toward a bifurcated system have gotten what they wanted.  Those who can afford it send their kids to private or charter schools while those who can't continue to use worsening public schools whose budgets are continuously cut.  The majority of students in the public system now are poor.

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