Sunday, January 18, 2015

Woke to temperatures still above freezing and large patches of grass cleared of snow.  I received the Baker Creek seed order yesterday.  Now all I have to do is wait for another month and a bit before I start the seeds.  That is always the hardest part.

Reading:  Green Wizardry by John Michael Greer; continuing with Being Mortal and the Human Age.  I usually have several books in my reading queue at the same time and go between them.  And several more in the "to be started" line up.

Needlework: finished a small (8in doily) and started another larger one.  Plan to continue that and, perhaps, put some more stitches in a cross-stitch dresser scarf that has been an on going project for some time.

If it were just Romney playing chameleon I wouldn't be so disgusted with politics.  Or is he simply pretending to be a chameleon.  After all a chameleon actually does change colors but Romney may simply be using rhetoric to mask the same old Mitt and the same old "free market, conservative" philosophy.

I usually ignore most economic data except to give them a passing giggle--especially "inflation" data. This is why and I love the title.  I read somewhere not too many moons ago that the economists' definition of inflation is not the definition most ordinary people use.  I forget what the distinction is now but it allows the economist to claim that there is no or low inflation in the face of rising prices.  For me, as a very ordinary person, the increase in prices is far more important than whether conditions meet an esoteric and technical definition of inflation.  And here is another verse of the same song.

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