Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We're back to low single digits this morning after yesterday's balmy 30F (+/-).  High enough to turn a bit of the snow to slush.  Lake effect patterns added a bit of new snow but not much.

So what am I reading today?  Just finished Richard Heinberg's Peak Everything.  It took me a while because I have read so much in this area that I know before hand where the author is going.  My attention wavers and wanders so I put it away for a while to continue at another time.  Every now and then I find a new piece of data or a new fact but the arguments are the same.

Found this piece on Stratfor that goes into what they call the "war between two worlds."  A lot of pure crap has been written about the threat of militant Islam but Stratfor, as usual, takes a very long view and goes much more into depth.

I have read about various intensive "farming" practices for some time.  I put the word in quotes because I have also read some writers who think that we ned to rethink the definition of the word to account for some very unconventional methods.  This article talks about one that grew out of the Fukushima earthquake a few years ago.

Bad news for Monsanto.  May they have more to come.

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