Friday, January 9, 2015

Not as cold today as yesterday at this time but still bitterly cold.  There are times at both extremes when the temperature on the thermometer doesn't really mater.  Can anyone really feel the difference between +5 and -5?  All I feel is COLD.  The official temp is +9 with negative windchill.

Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism provides a potential fall-out from the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris I hadn't thought about: a possible trigger for a French exit from the European Union.  The murders play directly into the National Front's anti-immigrant/law and order platform.  The party leader, Marine le Pen is calling for a referendum to reestablish the death penalty which would run directly contrary to the EU which forbids it.

I do love much of the Archdruidess's humor.  This one says a lot.

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