Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It was foggy this morning and is overcast now.  Some areas north and west of us got freezing rain and a bit of snow.  Just enough to make driving a bit of a challenge for those who had to drive.  We, thankfully didn't have to.

So officials in Montana have finally issued a "do not drink the water" order for the residents of Glendive.  Four days after an oil leak into the Yellowstone River.  Another account here gives a bit more information.  But I do love how officials always minimize such events.  Nice also that they and their families don't have to use the water.

Evidently shape-shifters aren't confined to mythology or horror fiction.  Freedom Industries, which was responsible for the chemical spill that resulted in several hundred thousand people in West Virginia losing their water for an extended time, has changed its identity but not its practice.  Why can't we execute these criminal corporate persons?

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